ХII International Scientific Conference

 would like to invite you to the
 ХII International Scientific Conference

in Varna

VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar"

The conference will be held in person and online
(depending on the pandemic situation)


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Official languages - Bulgarian and English


New Building Materials and Technologies for Sustainable Future
Advances in Structural Design and Constructions
Theoretical and Experimental Researches of Structures
Seismic Mechanics and Seismic Engineering
Construction Design Software
Foundations of Buildings and Facilities
Construction of Road, Rail and Metro Infrastructure
Construction of Hydraulic Structures and Tunnels
Labour Safety Techniques Health and Safety and Fire-Fighting Equipment
Legislation and Regulations in Construction Sector
Construction Organization, Economy and Management
Risk Management,  Sustainable Development and Sustainability of construction works
Problems of digitalization in construction
Architecture of Buildings and Facilities
Submission of Abstracts - March 30, 2022
Abstract Acceptance - April 05, 2022
Submission of Full Text Papers - June 01, 2022
Confirmation for publication after review of the Full Text Papers – August 01, 2022
Fees for participants  - August 0, 2022
  Option 1: Publishing in a special volume of IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
One paper, published in “IOP Conference Series: Materials Science - Fees paid till 01 August 2022 - 350 € 
Second paper, published in “IOP Conference Series: Materials Science - Fees paid till 01 August 2022 - 250 € 
Option 2: Publishing in Proceedings of ХI International Conference on Civil Engineering Design and Construction - DCB'2022
One paper, published in the Conference Proceedings - Fees paid till 01
August 2022 - 250 €
Second paper, published in the Conference Proceedings - Fees paid till 01
August 2022 - 100 €
Fees paid after 01 August 2022 or on the spot at registration - 300€
PhD Students - 100 €.
The fees includes a set of conference materials, programme, coffee-breaks, lunch, cocktail-party and access to all halls of the Conference.
All participants in the conference are accommodated in the hotel "Detelina".
For further information, you might visit the web-site: www.detelinahotel.com
You can use other hotels, close to Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar":
hotel “Danton”: danton.my.contact.bg, (at 250 m from VFU)
hotel “Kabakum”: www.hotelkabakum.com, (at 150 m from VFU)
NB: The hotel cost is not included in the conference registration fee.
The fees should be paid with a bank transfer into the following account:
In Euro: United Bulgarian Bank AD
IBAN: BG37UBBS80021410844319
Name: Nauchno-tehnicheski Sayuz po stroitelstvo v Bulgaria
Please, specify whom and what are you paying for. Please, send a copy of the payment order by E-mail: ntssb_sf@abv.bg
There are two ways to publishing the papers:
Option 1: Selected papers are going to be published in a special volume of IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (MSE), indexed in Web of Science (CPCI)  and others.
Authors must follow the journal guidelines when formatting their papers. These are available here: 
The size of submitted papers have to be between 4 and 10 pages (8 pages recommended):
Basic guidelines for preparing a paper
Guidelines for preparing reference lists
Microsoft Word templates
Note: According to IOP publisher rules, only articles with a strong focus to applied engineering or material science will be published in the Journal.
Publication Licence
Authors who want to publish a paper in IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) are asked to submit a paper only if all authors of the paper agree in full to the terms of the license. All submitted papers will be published according to the following terms and conditions according to Proceedings licence: https://publishingsupport.iopscience.iop.org/questions/iop-proceedings-licence/  
The papers should be sent to mrs. Ruseva at ntssb_sf@abv.bg
At least one of the authors of each paper must attend the Conference.
Oral presentation can be in Bulgarian or English. The information and texts included in the presentation (slides) to be provided during the presentation must be in English.

Option 2: Publishing in Proceedings of ХII International Conference on Civil Engineering Design and Construction - DCB'2022 (ISSN 2603-4255 CD, ISSN 2683-071X online)
The papers should not exceed 10 (ten) pages, including the illustrations. Pages are not numbered; papers are not accepted as slides. The colour layout of individual objects in the report is allowed.
Manuscript/reports should be formatted in accordance with the instructions set out in :
Paper, written in English : Template_DCB2022_EN.doc
We recommend to write your paper directly on a copy of the template to ensure compliance with the formatting requirements of the Proceedings.
The paper should be sent in .DOC and .PDF format to Mrs. Ruseva at: ntssb_sf@abv.bg
At least one of the authors of each report must attend the Conference.
Oral presentation can be in Bulgarian or English. The information and texts included in the presentation (slides) to be provided during the presentation must be in English.


The National Scientific Technical Union in Bulgaria (NTSSB) is the oldest creative-professional organization which brings together civil engineers, engaged in secondary and higher education, public administration, construction and design organizations, as well as in training and supervision of MS and PhD students.
The Union performs various public activities in favour of its members, supporting their professional development and creative progress. NTSSB organizes courses, seminars, national and international scientific and scientific-practical conferences. This action is carried out in close cooperation with a number of public bodies - higher and secondary schools, chambers of constructors, investment design engineers and architects, relevant commissions at Bulgarian ministries and at the Bulgarian Parliament.
Scientific Conference on „Civil Engineering Design and Construction“ is held every two years, it began in 2000 as a national Conference of the Union of Bulgarian Construction Engineers and the Bulgarian Scientific and Technical Union of Civil Engineering. Currently, this is already the tenth Conference and for the seventh time with international participations. The Bulgarian Scientific and Technical Union of Civil Engineering, the Chamber of the Engineers in the Investment Design and the Bulgarian Construction Chamber are its main organizers. Co-organizers, permanently, are: the Federation of the Bulgarian Scientific and Technical Unions, Foundation „EVRIKA“, the Varna Free University (VFU) „Chernorizets Hrabar“ and the Territorial Organization of the Scientific and Technical Unions in the City of Varna.
XII International Conference will be held at Varna Free University „Chernorizets Hrabar“, with the full assistance of the University management.
Participants in the scientific forum are students, Ph.D. students, postgraduates and scholars from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Italy, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, Latvia, United Kingdom, USA, Nigeria etc.

International Scientific Committee
Acad. Yachko Ivanov – Bulgaria

Vice Chairmans:
Prof. Vlastimir Radonjanin – Serbia
Prof. Rao Surampalli – USA
Prof. Aleksandrs Korjakins - Litva
Prof. Azariy Lapidus – Russia
Prof. Andrzej Garbacz – Poland
Prof. Anna Nedyalkova – Bulgaria
Prof. Asterios Liolios – Greece
Prof. Bojidar Janev- USA
Prof. Damian Kachlakev - USA
Prof. Faruk Karadoğan – Turkey
Prof. Heinz Brandl – Austria
Prof. Ivan Vaniček – Czech Republic
Prof. Jurai Kralik – Slovakia
Prof. Liberato Ferrara – Italy
Prof. Mindaugas Dauksys – Lithuania
Prof. Petar Hristov - Bulgaria
Prof. Radomir Folić – Serbia
Prof. Victor Hristevski – North Macedonia
Assoc. Prof. Asli Gurgun – Turkey
Assoc. Prof. Ewa Blazik-Borowa – Poland
Assoc. Prof. Nabi Ibadov - Poland
Assoc. Prof. Robert Eadie – UK
Assoc. Prof. Rositsa Petkova-Slipets - Bulgaria
Eng. Iliyan Terziev – Bulgaria

National Scientific Committee
Assoc. Prof. Lachezar Hrischev
Prof. Dimitar Nazarski
Prof. Konstantin Kazakov
Prof. Bogomil Petrov
Prof. Chavdar Kolev
Prof. Dimitar Nazarski
Prof. Doncho Partov
Prof. Emil Burnazski
Prof. Fantina Rangelova
Prof. Ivelin Ivanov
Prof. Ivan Markov
Prof. Ivanka Paskaleva
Prof. Ivaylo Koprev
Prof. Krasimir Enimanev
Prof. Krasimir Krastanov
Prof. Marina Traykova
Prof. Stoyan Bratoev
Prof. Teodor Roshavelov
Prof. Todor Bulev
Assoc. Prof. Ana Yanakieva
Assoc. Prof. Anita Handruleva
Assoc. Prof. Daria Mihaleva
Assoc. Prof. Emad Abdulahad
Assoc. Prof. Georgi Linkov
Assoc. Prof. Ivan Pavlov
Assoc. Prof. Ivan Torodov
Assoc. Prof. Tony Venelinov
Assoc. Prof. Yourdanka Kandilkova
Assoc. Prof. Hristina Zayakova
Assoc. Prof. Ventseslav Stoyanov
Eng. Antoni Chipev
Eng. Dimitar Nachev
Chairman:Assoc. Prof. Lachezar Hrischev
                    Assoc. Prof. Neli Trizlova
Secretary : Svetulka Ruseva
Assoc. Prof. Tsveta Zhekova
Shief. Assist. Prof. Georgi Ivanov
Shief. Assist. Prof. Nikolay Kuzmanov
Shief. Assist. Prof. Ali Chakar
Shief. Assist. Prof. Yana Kancheva
Assist. Prof.. Desislava Hristova
Assist. Prof.  Boryana Nozharova,
Radostina Stefanova
Conference Office:
108 Rakovski St., Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
Nauchno-tehnicheski Sayuz po Stroitelstvo v Bulgaria
phone:+359 2 988 4678
e-mail: ntssb_sf@abv.bg
Website : www.ntssb.bg
Contact person: Mrs. Svetulka Ruseva

PROGRAMME – download